The batch which was supposedly to graduate in 2017, goes through another major change in the education system. Yes, yet another change for our education system in the nation’s capital. Started from Class IX CCE (grading) system to eradication of the board exam in class X to certain changes in class XI and XII and now Delhi University is no less. This “guinea pig” batch was admitted into the forced Four Year Undergraduate Programme (FYUP) , came with lots of promises and false beliefs , that it was going to make education fun, would make it easy for the students to go abroad(which was kind of true) , would release the pressure off the students and more excuses like these. During its first three months everything went on smoothly, even though there were signs of suppressed dissatisfaction among students as well as teachers. After the first semester , some people started voicing their opinions against FYUP. And this carried on. Somehow , it completed a year with the same spirit . Now that we think about it, the implementation was wrong, or maybe our mindsets don’t agree to change so quickly. Say whatever, we had just begun to imbibe the system when our pseudo education system throws yet another bomb on us. Scrapping of FYUP? Wow. That didn’t take them so long.
Delhi University had implemented FYUP for the benefit of the students or for selfish motives of our Vice Chancellor , who knows! The President of Delhi University Teacher’s Association (DUTA) in one of her interviews said that the vice chancellor is behaving like a terrorist and the university his hostage. Well, it did seem like it.
University Grants Commission suddenly, ten days before the new academic year’s admission procedure was about to start, stated FYUP illegal. They constantly challenged DU Admission council to roll back and revert to the three year undergraduate program(TYUP). DU being an autonomous body did not feel the need to comply with the rules followed around the nation (every other central university follows three years undergrad). Supporters of TYUP feel that the four year program is a breach of Nation Policy on Education (NPE; education system must follow 10+2+3). In their favour FYUP supporters said, students who want to do three years of college can leave after 3 years, with a bachelor’s degree and whoever completes four years will get honours degree. After a heated debate which stretched over days ,finally the three year program was relapsed as FYUP was stated legally invalid , reason being no approval of President of India. After the whole fiasco, students of batch of 2017 were left scratching their heads. Where does this leave us? What happens to our batch? What happens to BTech and BMS students? Is it okay to play with our futures like this? I can not say what is wrong with today’s education system , just that we need to be clearer in our thoughts and projects as this drama cost us our international image as well. Now we are batch of 2016, for better or for worse.


One thought on “A Sunken Ship: FYUP, ARE WE DROWNING ALONG?

  1. Experimental batch we are. Cant help it. Just when we were about to get it(Fyup) it got scrapped. 😐
    Don’t know what’s in store for us.

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