Summer of ’14

Summer of ’14.

First year of college wound up on a chirpy note, time flew by without making us realize what all we learned , what all we imbibed. Whoever said life after school was boring , clearly did not go to college at DU , or did not go to college at all. They say we are all embers of the same light. I say we are extremely unique from one another, having met so many different people in my initial year. College life I have seen till this day has been the most fun experience ever. The freedom, the independence, a breath of  a fresh start all sum up to the most captivating experience. From the closed , protected environment of a school to a less rigid set up of a college, the change is undoubtedly drastic.

College life is hectic for some , and absolutely free for the rest. Some students delightfully bunk all their lectures, and the others sit through all of them. We conclude that whatever we sow is what we get. Be regular, ace your classes or be inconsistent and bare the consequences. No one forces you to do something , nor will anyone tell you to attend classes or do your work, it all counts down on you. This teaches us to be vigilant and careful about life and what we do with it.

Perks of being in DU , you get half the year as holidays, well obviously they are spread out , but trust me there are lots. When I was in school I used to get kicks out of missing out on school, now that I have seen how college is , the scenario is pretty much the opposite . Instead I am eager to go to college. Well, the showdown of FYUP was literally a showdown! The eradication and restoring of the previous education system has all been chaotic. We are now left somewhere in the middle, wondering what happens to us. Will our first year consider to be  waste? Did we benefit from the system? Did we have lots of unrealistic fun? Will we find it very tough to cope up with so many papers? All these thoughts run through each student who was in my batch in du.

Summer vacation starts as sooon as the semester exams are over, during winters for  a month and during summers for two months. And the Delhi heat is as killer as it gets. So I decided to intern somewhere, preferably a NGO(you know, extra credits). LSR has been a great influence, as it initially ‘forced’ us to do NSS, but gradually I developed the interest towards it. Eventually I got in touch with this NGO , Udayan. Working with underprivileged girls , precisely on a scholarship program for these girls and the process of the south Delhi project . The USF is a scholarship program for economically backward girl child, who have just crossed class X. It is based on the NAT, Need , Ambition and Talent of the girls. The program provides them with :
~Financial assistance is the money provided for tutions, extra books etc.
~Mentoring for guidance on various matters, not tutoring.
~Monthly workshops for personality development.
People ask me why Im doing this? Why a NGO? To them I say , it is cause this touched my heart, it moved me. The feel of the work is unbelievable. Recently, having met with three Shalinis (as these fellows are called) I was so overwhelmed with the confidence and positive change in them within one year. I was hesitant as to what was I going to talk to them, but after five minutes of our conversation I did not have to worry about that at all. They were beaming with confidence and spoke to me so well, so much so, they started sharing personal interests etc. It was a delight to meet them. Now I can say, to be attached with something as sensitive as this, you need to think from the heart!

Another month of holidays left, and I think the way I have spent the past month has been so productive and it has been a fun learning experience. Hoping that two more years of college have lots in store, and abundant of learning opportunities.


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