The accomplished to the approaching

Where have the times gone
When everything seemed so frivolous
Everything was not so scorn
We needed to live in the moment and feel joyous
Yet every second every moment passed on
As if it was a ride meant to be taken..
A sight we had to witness
All in all , we didn’t seem to regret anything
No words said, none unsaid felt wrong
As the moments passed on ..

And we have come to this point
Where we don’t know one another anymore
Where we fear the challenges life puts us through
Where we are nothing but alone
Acquaintances form, yet they don’t get transformed to friendship
They don’t make us feel belonged
There is no greater void
Than being dejected and left in disdain
As the moments pass on..

Not each day will be perfect,
It’s for this fact that we have bad ones
That we experience the bad the ugly
We don’t know what to love and what to ignore
Can not individuate , the real from the fake,
Cant say we don’t learn alot of from life
Each day , new beginning ,
Each hour , new opportunity ,
Each second , new life.
The present will not wait nor will it be replaced,
So let’s make it worth the while.



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